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Kingkoil Supersoft Bolster
Price RM129.00
Brand Kingkoil
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  • 100% Combed Cotton Cover.
  • Siliconised Treatment.
  • Sanitization.
  • 100% Washable
  • Size : 92cm x 23cm
  • All the measurements are made by hand, there may be 1-2cm deviations. Product may vary slightly from images due to the photoshoot screen settings and lighting conditions.

  • 100% Combed Cotton Cover - Which give a cooler sleeping surface.
  • Garnetted Network  - A fine network of hollow fibres creates millions of air-pockets. Air being an ideal insulator when combined with hollow fibrefill creates an excellent sleeping environment.
  • Siliconised Treatment - With the siliconized treatment the surface of hollow fibrefill increase in softness, speed up the recovery from compression and prevents the fibre from becoming lumpy.
  • Sanitization - Hollow fibrefill is additionally sanitized and coupled with its inherent hygienic quality, it is non-toxic, non-allergenic and dust free.
  • 100% Washable - Linked to all these features, fibrefill has superb wash, spun and tumble dry performance.
  • 100%精梳棉被套 - 使睡眠表面更凉爽。
  • 中空纤维的精细网络可产生数百万个气穴。当空气与空心纤维填充物结合使用时,空气是理想的绝缘体,可创造一个极好的睡眠环境。
  • 硅化处理 - 进行硅化处理后,中空纤维填充物的表面柔软度增加,压缩后的恢复速度加快,并防止纤维结块。
  • 消毒 - 空心纤维填充料还经过了消毒处理,再加上其固有的卫生品质,无毒,无过敏和无尘。
  • 100%可清洗 - 与所有这些功能相关联,fibrefill具有出色的清洗,旋转和烘干性能。
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