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RM7,196.00 - RM8,596.00
Honey AS Beta Mattress
Price RM7,196.00 - RM8,596.00
Brand Honey
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  • Mattress Thickness : 38cm / 15"
  • Premium Quality Memory Foam
  • Fluidized PU Foam
  • Coconut Fiber
  • 7 Zone Pocket Spring System
  • Honey Techology Anti-Static Fabric
  • Superior Foam Encasement
  • Extra Puffy Top
  • Anti-Allergy
  • Anti-Dust Mite
  • Feeling : Medium
  • Warranty : 12 years
  • Size :
  • King : 183 X 190 X 38 (CM)
  • Queen : 152 X 190 X 38 (CM)
  • Firmness indicator is subject to individual preference.
  • All the measurements are made by hand, there may be 1-2cm deviations. Product may vary slightly from images due to the photoshoot screen settings and lighting conditions.


Premium Quality Memory Foam  优质记忆海绵

Memory Foam comes in a range of comfort levels, from very dense to cloud-like soft. Memory Foam is designed to mold and contour to the curves of the body. It disperses your weight over the entire sleep surface, minimizing pressure points for a more comfortable sleep. Memory Foam is resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, mites, and other odor-causing germs. This makes it a great option for those with sensitivities or allergies. It is also effective at reducing motion transfer, which is perfect for those who share a bed. If your partner is a restless sleeper, or they get in and out of bed, Memory Foam makes it so you won't feel it happen. So, your partner won't disturb you with their movements throughout the night or in the morning. Memory Foam mattresses also tend to last longer. And, they provide more pressure relief than innerspring mattresses.

记忆绵具有多种舒适度,从非常致密到像云一样柔软。 记忆绵旨在塑造和塑造人体曲线。它可将您的体重分散到整个睡眠表面,从而最大程度地减少压力点,从而使您的睡眠更舒适。 记忆绵可抵抗细菌,霉菌,螨虫和其他引起异味的细菌。对于有过敏或过敏症的人来说,这是一个很好的选择。它还可以有效地减少运动传递,这对于共享床的人来说非常理想。如果您的伴侣卧床不起,或者他们上下床,那么记忆绵会做到这一点,因此您不会感觉到它的发生。因此,您的伴侣在整个晚上或早晨都不会打扰您。 记忆绵床垫的使用寿命也更长。而且,它们比弹簧床垫提供更多的压力释放。



Individual Pocket Spring   独立弹簧

Individual pocketed system designed by pocket spring to prevent coil entanglement. The flexibility allows the mattress to respond to the precise shape, weight, size and sleeping patterns of any typical body during sleep. This provides the mattress becomes firmness and control compression from external. The spring system is built to withstand higher pressure and impacts in any direction, thus enhancing its durability and overall strength for a stable core structure of your mattress.




Fluidized PU Foam   流化PU泡沫

The ‘fluidized’ polyurethane foam (FPU) is specifically designed and developed to obtain some unique characteristics and properties that beyond the typical conventional flexible polyurethane. FPU is biobased foam which is in compliance with the worldwide theme for ECO friendly material in 21st century. HarmotexTM is specifically designed and developed to obtain some unique characteristics and properties that are beyond the typical conventional flexible polyurethane.

  • Cooler Sleep pulls heat away from the body leaving behind a cooling sensation while you sleep
  • High air permeability that behave as heat sink for better heat dissipation.
  • Soft but resilient.


“流化”聚氨酯泡沫(FPU)是经过专门设计和开发的,具有一些超越传统常规柔性聚氨酯的独特特性和性能。 FPU是生物基泡沫,符合21世纪ECO友好材料的全球主题。 HarmotexTM是经过专门设计和开发的,旨在获得一些超越常规常规柔性聚氨酯的独特特性。

  • 凉爽的睡眠将热量从身体散发出去,在您睡觉时留下凉爽的感觉
  • 透气性高,可以起到更好的散热作用。
  • 柔软但富有弹性。


7 Zone Individual Pocket Spring Support   7区独立弹簧支撑

With 7 zones pocket spring structure, springs are designed with different softness and elasticity divided into 7 body areas including: head, shoulders, back, hips, leg thighs and feet. Therefore, 7 zones pocket spring will ensure the tightening of the body curve, help the backbone system to be supported and supported optimally. Because our body parts have different weights and sizes, there are different soft and soft parts. Therefore, the distribution of each part on the mattress will help support the body better. In which we should pay special attention to positions such as: shoulder, back, hip when using the mattress. These are the 3 most important points, greatly affecting our sleep and health.




Anti-Static Protection   防静电保护

Static electricity can be useful in our life. But think about lightning for a moment and you will see it can also be pretty scary. Although static isn't harmful by itself, when large amounts of it build up and suddenly discharge you can get dramatic and dangerous sparks. Set off a spark where there's something flammable and, before you know it, you have got yourself a fireball and an explosion. You don't need lightning-sized amounts of static to cause problems: even a tiny spark can be problematic in some situations. If static has built up on your body through walking on a rug, and you start handling delicate electronic components, the sudden discharge of current from your body can be enough to cause some very serious damage. That's where anti-static products can help. And this is how Honey New AS Series works to help. Honey Anti-Static Technology uses a high conductivity thread with a carbon conductive trilobal core wrapped in a protective nylon envelop. The carbon thread conducts the static electricity away and releases the electrons into the air through corona discharge nylon at low voltages as low as 4,000 volts.

静电可能对我们的生活有用。但是考虑一下闪电,您会发现它也可能非常可怕。尽管静电本身并不是有害的,但是当静电大量堆积并突然放电时,您会得到剧烈而危险的火花。在有易燃物的地方燃起火花,在不知不觉中,您便拥有了火球和爆炸物。您不需要雷电大小的静电即可引起问题:在某些情况下,即使是微小的火花也可能成为问题。如果在地毯上行走会在您的身体上积聚静电,并且您开始处理精密的电子组件,则突然从身体释放出的电流可能会造成非常严重的损害。这就是防静电产品可以提供帮助的地方。这就是Honey New AS系列如何提供帮助的方式。
Honey Anti-Static技术使用高导电率的线,将碳导电的三叶形芯包裹在保护性尼龙信封中。碳线将静电带走,并通过电晕放电尼龙以低至4,000伏的低压将电子释放到空气中。

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2x Honey Posture Memory Foam Pillow

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